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Completing a learning module on benchmarks in the PBL gave me more insight and clarity to the role of benchmarks in the project. The value of these to the final outcome means that the benchmarks must be clear and well set out. They also need to be checked.

Benchmarks add a purpose and guide to the Project and make the task manageable and attainable. Students are then able to set mini goals as they work towards their final project.I like the idea of having some form of visual guide as to how students are progressing.


Benchmarks will be something I will need to learn to set as part of a project. The relevance and priority of different tasks need to be planned and organised in a way that will allow students to complete the project.

As part of my teaching I have asked students to set goals as part of their learning process. Goal setting and reflection is an integral part of learning. Benchmarks would now be part of the goal setting process. Knowing what they need to do and when they need to complete it by gives students clear directions and the ability to plan their time.