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With the new Curriculum assessments have changed. The ARC had samples for work that showed the various Grade Scales and allowed us to compare our Grades with similar tasks. Each school is different and the tasks are different, so whilst it was useful to a certain extent, there were limitations with the samples.PBL is different again as the tasks cannot readily be compared to the samples.

Creating our own bank of samples is a great way to go back to the Grade Scales and track the performance of both the students and the task. I feel that we sometimes get caught up in the day to day teaching, creating of projects, marking of work and forget to come back to this very useful tool – Grade Scales.

To keep a long term record will help see the strengths and weaknesses of students as well as the durability of the assessment. I look forward to analysing the assessments. This will also see how they relate to the rubrics. As the rubrics only have three levels, we then need to try and put these tasks into 5 Grades.

This activity is a good way to refocus on the common grade scale and observe the way we make and the relationship between task, mark, rubric and grade scale.