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Literacy is a part of learning. Without literacy all tasks and learning is difficult. In a subject such as science, there is also scientific literacy. If we want our students to succeed, we need them to be literate. Literacy is everyones responsibility.

To know where our students fit on the literacy continuum gives us a starting point for how and what we teach. This can help with differentiating lessons and tasks. It also helps us understand the reason behind some of the behaviour of students.

The process itself was difficult. The writing tasks only looked at a small area of the continuum. This made it difficult when trying to fit students into a cluster. The continuum was also difficult to follow. The items don’t match across and there are different markers in each cluster that don’t seem to match.

The process may not be perfect, but it is a starting point and raises questions. It starts a conversation. This can only be of benefit as we can then base our strategies on data and target those that will benefit. This will improve our teaching and more importantly the learning of our students.